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At the home of Biscotti Mommy Faith and family come first

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These core values carry on into the kitchen where I bake as to the Lord and responsibly care for my home and the creation He has placed us in.  

                ~Michelle Pulford

Ciao!  I'm Michelle!  I am a dearly loved daughter of the Lord, wife of Chris and mother to 5 sweet kiddos.  Biscotti has been a creative outlet for me as a stay at home mom for almost 14 years. My marketing degree from Hillsdale College in Michigan has helped me to turn a hobby into a business (and a little help from my Sugar Daddy too).

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Bring the cafe experience to your own home.

Enjoy the simple things that make life rich.

Share the lovely things with those around you. 

"I love that it has the perfect crunch!"

          -- Amber

"All I want to see at our meeting is Michelle's biscotti!."

          -- June